Saturday, May 7, 2011


Too often relationships end because people fail to continue to do the work. Finding the person you want to be with is only part of the story, striving to keep the spark is a never ending challenge. Follow these steps to enjoy an enduring bond with your significant other.


    • 1
      It's all about the little things. The little things add up and ultimately mean so much more than the big things. Show up unexpectedly at his/her work to have lunch together. Make dinner, do a load of laundry, or clean the bathroom so she doesn't have to. Mow the lawn for him or take out the garbage. Do something out of the norm every once in a while...or better yet, regularly to show that you care.
    • 2
      Surprises are the spice of life. Leave a note in somewhere he/she will find the pillow, or a pocket or purse. Make it romantic or sexy or humorous. Arrange for a special getaway or a couples massage. Plan a picnic on a nice day. Hop in the car and drive. Sign up for dancing lessons. Keep it interesting.
    • 3
      Be a giver. Maybe you hate chick flicks or horror movies but know that your significant other would really like to see a particular new release. Go. Go and be gracious about it. Maybe you hate sushi or Indian or Thai. Go and find something to eat.
    • 4
      Build something together. Relationships are all about making memories and a shared history. Work on a remodeling project together. Find a hobby to share. Plan and take a major trip.
    • 5
      Document it. Take pictures. Record videos. Keep a journal. Show that shared time, shared moments matter.

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