Monday, March 7, 2011

Dear John-How to Tell if Your Relationship is Over

A woman's heart can, at times, be the most difficult thing in the world to capture. Once you have it though, chances are it's yours forever, unless of course you drive her to madness. Unfortunately, most men screw up somewhere down the line in relationships.

When men are making fatal relationship errors, most women give off subtle signs, remember all of their partners' screw-ups, and usually don't love their partners anymore. There are always telltale signs. Some women are blunt and tell their men abruptly that they hate their guts and no longer want them. But most women are clever and will only offer hints that their love is long, long gone.

Dear John

This example will demonstrate my theory. Recently, I went to a male friend's birthday party. His girlfriend gave him a gift and a card on which she wrote, You've played a key role in my life . I had previously read other letters she had written and they all said, You're the most precious thing in my life or You're my reason for living .

This time she wrote key role , as if her boyfriend had been demoted from love of my life and is now a team player in his girlfriend's life. Who played the other key roles ? Ex-boyfriends? Her boss? Her friends? A simple phrase like that served more as a code red to the boyfriend than a love letter.

I didn't tell my friend what I thought (I didn't want to ruin his birthday party), but two weeks later he called me crying, telling me his girlfriend doesn't love him anymore. Surprise, surprise.

She doesn't have to say key role in a letter for you to realize that things are going downhill in a relationship. There are generally three very obvious signs that every man should recognize:

1) She stops calling
Most women love attention and love it when men compliment them, look at them, ask them out. Women also love calling their boyfriends or husbands (and love receiving phone calls) because it gives them a chance to receive attention. Most couples I know are in daily contact with each other, no matter where they are in the world. A lot of married couples call each other at work, either to check up on each other or out of boredom.

Suddenly one day, she stops calling . Very subtly you realize that the phone doesn't ring quite as often, until one day it almost never does. This is a big sign . If a woman stops calling you, it is because she feels she shouldn't make the time or effort to call. When a woman is in love, she will bend over backwards for her man. When she isn'tsee ya, wouldn't wanna be ya.

2) She stops caring and stops acting jealous
After a woman stops calling you, more of her behavior starts to change. Most women are at least a tad jealous by nature. Most women deny it, but it's true. Women don't want to share their men with anyone, so they do what's necessary to keep them happy (this includes: baking a cake, going shopping with his mom, ironing his shirts, and oral sex).

So when your girlfriend or wife suddenly stops acting jealous or no longer does things for you, watch out. When she stops asking about your day or getting mad at you for looking at other women, start counting the days. She's not in love with you anymore.

3) Do you want to go to the movies? 
The third sign that things are going badly is actually pretty simple. If you go to the movies every time you go out with your partner, this is another sign . Being at a movie theater is a great excuse to spend time together without actually having to say a word to one another.

If a woman says, why don't we just go see a movie? every time you want to go out, she is really saying I don't want to spend time with you, especially in public because I think you are an idiot .

Not exactly in those words of course, but you get the point.

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