Thursday, March 17, 2011

Women and Foreplay

Despite the ongoing female mantra of “we need more foreplay,” men still think they can get away with a quick grope and a slip of the tongue before sex. In some circumstances, you can get away with even less than this (who doesn’t like a quickie now and then?), but most of the time women need more. Sex is different for men and women, and the sooner men realize this, the better off we will all be.

She doesn’t need an hour, she probably doesn’t even need half an hour, but foreplay is important for a woman’s healthy and happy sex life -- in other words, your sex life. You may feel like you end up putting all the work in to getting her “ready” -- boooring -- but if you want to have more and better sex, you need to make it worth her while, and enjoy the process. The more turned on she is, the more likely she will be to orgasm, therefore the happier she will ultimately be and the more sex she will want in the future. You may be the world’s biggest jackass but if you can really turn her on, she will fantasize about sex with you until she is 70.

No Ultimate Foreplay
There is no such thing as the "ultimate foreplay." There isn’t any one thing that should or shouldn’t be done all the time -- variation is key, though it is important to understand what she likes in particular. After a while, your foreplay rhythm will become second nature, but don’t get complacent. You need to learn from your mistakes and really turn her on, not just give her time to mentally prepare for your grand entrance.

Kissing And Foreplay
Kissing may be the single biggest turn-on for women, and going slow is even better. If you can kiss every inch of your partner’s body, by the time you are done she will likely be pretty excited about the whole thing. By taking the time to kiss her, you are saying “I love every bit of you” -- not just her vagina or breasts, which can get almost desensitized if you’re only focusing on that part of her. Kiss her like you mean it, and not just so you can get your rocks off. She is not just a means to an end, so enjoy her body and enjoy the process of figuring out what she likes -- every woman likes something. Find out what it is.

Foreplay Moves That She Hates
Repetitious movements; being too aggressive or rough; lacking imagination; hurting her and missing her clitoris are all errors men make on a regular basis. Women and men touch each other differently -- if you always want to have rough, aggressive sex, perhaps you should have sex with another man. Unless she explicitly wants someone with no imagination and no foreplay skills, these mistakes may cost you dearly.
It’s not to say that women don’t sometimes like it rough, but that’s something you learn along the way -- your default position should be more gentle. Be open to learning; if you act like you know it all and you clearly don’t, she may feel bad about bursting your bubble and therefore will be less likely to offer advice.

Think You’ve Done It All?
There are many delicious and effective ways to tease your woman. Teasing is underrated and underperformed. Talking dirty, massages, looking good for her, and interrupting sex are all ways you can get her hot for it then let her steam with no action. Turning her on then stopping will make her want to curse you to hell and back, but it will keep her thinking about you until she gets what she wants.

Foreplay First: Your Golden Rule
Foreplay shouldn’t feel like hard work -- think of it as part of sex, rather than only a prelude to intercourse. Foreplay is sex. Get into it and see the dizzying heights your sexual relationship can reach

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