Tuesday, February 8, 2011

How to Fall in Love Forever

How to Fall in Love Forever
Everyone wants a sure thing in life. We all need something to 
count on, whether it's a job, a meal, or a relationship. Having
 someone to be there--just for you--through all life has to offer 
is the greatest gift one can give or receive. Presented in a simple 
and concise manner are 7 steps to get just that--a sure thing in
 a relationship. That magical love you can count on from the most 
important step of Courtship to the lasting step of Magical Love


  1. Courtship -- Trust, Love, Self-Worth

    Courtship: "the act of trying to gain favor of, to try and gain the love of", Webster.

    Courtship places value on the person for who they are and not for what they are. Courtship is the process and attitude of giving; giving of your time, your interest, and yourself. By placing value on a person for who they are, this action begins the creation of a bond that can last for a lifetime and can truly grow stronger everyday.
  2. 2 Friendship

    A relationship that starts with courtship starts building a foundation that provides options for life's greatest treasures such as friendship, trust, and love. Courtship gives meaning to personal worth and self-identity. It validates a person, not only in his or her own eyes, but also in the eyes of the person they are with. It gives meaning to life and purpose of being. Courtship provides a focus and a sense of joy that transcends the mundane realities of everyday life.
  3. 3 Emotional Completeness between Partners

    If an emotional completeness cannot be established, then there is a fundamental compatibility problem that no amount of sexual activity can ever resolve. Sex may well divert it, confuse it, and bury it in a cloud of physical passion, but it cannot forever hide this emotional void. As time passes, the emptiness of an experience of physical intimacy will grow until even the act itself can no longer hide the stillborn essence of the "relationship".
  4. 4 Relationship

    You must be patient, truthful, and respectful of "you" to know when the courtship has laid the foundation to become a relationship. Trust yourself and who you are.
  5. 5 Love -- Emotional Union

    Life has a magnificence to it that courtship unfolds in a way that words can only hint at, but that the heart has known from the dawn of time. Allow yourself this gift for it is within your grasp. Carry it with you always and cherish its richness for courtship carries within itself the magical power to transform -- the transformation of two hearts into one love.
  6. Physical Expression of Love (if mutually desired)
    At the point when sexual activity enters a relationship, the foundation for the relationship stops and whatever foundation has been created up to that point is what the relationship has to build on. To try and build a relationship on a one-night stand is like trying to fix an airplane after it is in the air - the results are rarely successful and frequently disastrous.

    Courtship sets the parameters while on the ground and provides a flexible design capable of adjusting to whatever in-flight "emergencies" life presents.

    Courtship leads to an essential element of a relationship and this courtship establishes an emotional completeness, an emotional union. This union can be beautifully expressed physically through just holding hands to making love. Some may choose to keep this only an emotional union of love.
  7. If all the steps are followed, then you will have a Magical Lasting Relationship.

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