Saturday, February 12, 2011

What Women Look For In A Man

Men seem to have it all wrong. They have no idea what qualities we are looking for in a man. I think they try and market themselves completely different than what we need or want. Yeah of course we want good looks. That’s goes without saying but we’re not as interested in things like looks and money as you all think we are. So stop trying to impress us with all of your materialistic possessions and listen up. These are the qualities we really want.
Honesty- This is one of the most important characteristics to have.  We don’t want to waist our time wondering if you’re cheating on us. And we want you to be clear on your interest in us. We don’t want to play games.

Intelligence- We like men to be intelligent. If you’re not able to hold a decent conversation, than you’re not worth our time. It doesn’t matter if you have a college degree or not. We like our men to be able to debate topics and be well spoken. There’s something very sexy about a man who’s really smart.

Hard working and goal oriented- Who doesn’t like a person that’s hard working? A man that is lazy is not one I’d like to date. I enjoy a man who enjoys his job and has goals and a vision for his career path. It’s okay if you’re not where you’d like to be in your career as long as you are working toward a goal. A man that places importance on his job and his future always gets my attention. A big turn-off is a man who has trouble holding down a job. That signals a red flag for me.

Sense Of Humor- Some of the best relationships I had were with men who were funny.  I love dating a guy who knows how to make me laugh. Life can be so serious at times. It’s great to be able to let loose and laugh a bit.  This characteristic comes in handy when you’re going through a rough time. There have been many occasions that laughter has picked my mood up during hard times.

Reliability- We like to be able to count on our man at all times. We need to feel that you will be there for us even when we go through troubled times.

Shared Values- Some say that opposites attract. However, in my opinion that can’t be further from the truth. Women like men who share the same ideas and values. We like our men to have the same thoughts as us on politics, religion, having babies, etc…Without sharing the same vision, it’s not worth engaging in a long standing relationship.

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