Tuesday, February 8, 2011

How To Get Your Man Back After A Break Up

Monogamy  could bore anyone - more so men who have a shorter attention span. Even if you're the most gorgeous woman there is, sometimes, being too predictable makes a man crave for variety. So if he got bored of you, here are 7 tips that would salvage your relationship:
Dig deeper for the root cause.
There are just so many reasons why a man could get bored with you. Sometimes it's the way you look that could bore him. Perhaps you've been wearing the same haircut for five years! Or he could just be bored because nothing sizzling ever happens to both of you anymore. Your goal is to find out what caused all this before you could even do something about it.
Seek out for some help.
If he's still willing to work it out, you might want to consult some experts who could help make things better for both of you. Just make sure to put into practice, all the things that you will learn in those counseling sessions.
Hit the gym and start being responsible.
Let him take a little time off so he could think things through. You, on the other hand, have to do something to get back in shape. Exercise, feel good, and look good. Having endorphins in your system means you'd become a happier, prettier individual. This should get his attention once he gets back.
Go out and live a wonderful life.
It may seem too cliché, but the fact remains that you only get to live your life once so you might as well make the most out of it. Go out and have fun with your friends and family. Once he sees the change in you and how you've embraced happiness, he will definitely be enticed to get back in your arms once more.
Keep your distance...for now.
At least for the duration of his little time off, you should refrain from getting in touch with him. Who knows, maybe he's bored of you because he's been seeing you day in and day out! It's time to disappear and let him miss you.
When it's time to talk...
...let him speak with you. This could be a difficult moment for both of you but this is also the perfect time for him to divulge what's been bothering him. Listen as he pours out his heart. Don't lose your patience as he tries to point out what's wrong.
Try to put yourself in his shoes.
Once he has opened up to you and told you what's been boring him, make sure that you don't judge him. This is no time to point fingers. This is the time to forgive, understand, and start doing something that would make your relationship weather this phase.

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