Friday, February 18, 2011

Make Married Sex Better

Most people expect that the intensity of their sex lives will fade after they marry. Some guys even resign themselves to never having good sex again after deciding to spend the rest of their lives with one woman. But this doesn’t have to be the case; marriage doesn’t necessarily mean the death of hot sex, but it will take some effort from both of you to keep it steamy as the years go by. Here are some tips for having better sex as a married couple.

Use Sex To Get Past Ruts In Your Marriage
There will be times in your marriage when careers, family, kids, friends, hobbies and other important tasks will pack your schedule and get in the way of maintaining a good relationship. There will be periods when the two of you are not communicating well and don’t seem to be connecting with each other. When you experience these ruts in your relationship, don’t let sex go by the wayside. Use the time you have together wisely by getting frisky. If your marriage is experiencing a dip, it’ll fall even further if the two of you don’t connect sexually. Instead of abandoning your bedroom activities at the first sign of trouble, use sex to get back on track.

Stop Looking At Her As Your Wife
Yes, she is the love of your life -- the woman you chose to spend your days with until you both grow old. She is the mother of your children (if you have them) and a domestic goddess that runs your household and your family while still succeeding in a career and myriad other duties.

In order to make married sex better, try to stop thinking of her as your adorable and adoring wife when the two of you get frisky. Allow your imagination to run wild; think of her as a dirty sexpot and encourage her to play the part. Tap into the intense attraction you have for each other and forget that you’re husband and wife.

Make Your Room A No-Kid Zone
Having a better sex life with your wife requires that you both take a step away from your everyday lives and focus on each other. If you are parents, this means that you’re going to have to designate some space in your house for adult-only activities. To this end, consider making your bedroom a no-go area for your children. The kids usually have the run of the house, but if they know that mom and dad’s room is off-limits, you’ll be more likely to have time and space to yourselves on a regular basis. Your bedroom will become a haven where it’s all about the two of you.

Don’t Wear Pajamas
It’s a well-known fact that many people -- men and women alike -- feel it’s OK to let themselves go once the wedding vows are exchanged. Unfortunately, this is a one-way street to problems with your sex life. If you no longer bother to put in the effort to make yourself attractive to your spouse, she could lose interest in being intimate with you. Keep the sex hot by maintaining your looks. This means no flannel pajamas in bed. Slip under the sheets wearing what she thinks you look sexy in, whether it’s the T-shirt she loves to cuddle up to, just your boxers or nothing at all. Don’t come to bed covered up from head to toe. Hopefully this will encourage her to put some imagination into her sleepwear as well.

The Best Thing About Married Sex
The major benefit of having sex in a long-term relationship is that you should be able to trust your partner and not be afraid to share all aspects of your sexuality with her. Get your fantasies out in the open, push your boundaries and create the right environment in order to keep exploring sex with the woman you plan to grow old with.

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